Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions to understand our policies.  You must agree to them when making a payment.  Thank you.

  1. All measurements by Total Floors representatives are approximate. In the event of miscalculations, by either party, in arriving at the quantity of materials to be furnished, such miscalculations and any additional materials required as a result of the miscalculation shall be prepaid for by the purchaser in addition to the contracted price.
  2. All materials are special ordered. Contract is non-cancelable and non-refundable. Before cutting or installation of materials, check to verify that contract goods are what you’ve ordered and are free of visible defects. Claims cannot be made after materials have been cut or installed.
  3. Total Floors shall not be liable for any delays in delivery of materials.
  4. Customer has investigated and is satisfied of the suitability of all materials sold here for the intended usages.
  5. All materials are guaranteed only to the extent of manufacturer’s guarantee. No other warranties, expressed or implied are given.
  6. As a low margin wholesaler of floor and window coverings, we must charge an administrative fee of $20 on each order. This fee covers the cost of processing and tracking orders, communicating with clients and scheduling installations. This assures you the lowest pricing on your materials, and eliminates the need to increase our unit prices.
  7. If the building materials are picked up in Denver to be used outside of Denver, the sale is still subject to Denver sales tax unless the purchaser provides Total Floors, Inc. a building permit showing that a use tax has been or will be paid to another municipality. If such a building permit is provided, then the sale will not be subject to Denver sales tax, but RTD and State tax will still need to be collected.
  8. Unless noted all materials are FOB Denver Warehouse. Upon placing your order we will provide you with a list of delivery services you may arrange the delivery with.
  9. Payment of this invoice/quote constitutes acceptance of same.
  10. Sending an image of a check for the purpose of paying for an order authorizes Total Floors, Inc. to withdraw funds from the checking account indicated on the check. By doing so, you also authorize your depository financial institution to honor this transaction.
  11. In the event it becomes necessary for Total Floors to employ an attorney for the purpose of enforcing the terms here of, the purchaser agrees to pay all cost of legal proceedings, and all reasonable attorney’s fees.
  12. For care/maintenance and warranty information go to our website www.totalfloors.biz. If you need more detailed info, please call your sales representative and they will be glad to assist you.
  13. For synthetic or wool carpet maintenance information please go to www.carpet-rug.com.